The San Diego Genealogical Society (SDGS) published a 311 page coil-bound book of El Cajon (CA) Cemetery burials in 2007. The book contains entries for over 8800 burials dating from the late 1880s through June 2007, along with a short preface describing the location and history of the cemetery.  You will see that there are quite a few persons buried here that lived in Santee.

The Journal of San Diego History, Fall 1982, reports that early residents of El Cajon  preferred to bury their loved ones on private grounds nearby instead of traveling to the  nearest cemetery in San Diego.  Cemetery property was purchased for $225 from D.S.  Bascom and John G. Burgess in 1903.  The earliest grave markers belong to the Hall  Family who settled in El Cajon in 1886 and helped develop and maintain the cemetery for  generations.


The actual listings are in the pages below: