El Cajon Cemetery, San Diego County, California

Submitted by Brent Robertson July 30, 2004

El Cajon Cemetery, 2080 Dehesa Road, El Cajon, CA  92019


This file is a complete transcription as of June 26, 2004 of the original

cemetery grounds,  established in 1902, part of the El Cajon Cemetery.

This is the dry section located just  southeast of the flag circle.


Directions to the El Cajon Cemetery: From San Diego, take Interstate 8 East

to El Cajon,  Second Street exit, turn south (right) onto Second Street.

Drive south (Second Street  Turns into Jamacha) to Washington Ave. and turn

east (left) onto Washington Ave., drive  east on Washington Ave.  Washington

Ave. turns into Dehesa Rd. at Granite Hills Dr. Continue down Dehesa Rd. to

Vista Grande Rd. and turn north (left) into the cemetery’s  driveway.


The Journal of San Diego History, Fall 1982, reports that early residents of

El Cajon  preferred to bury their loved ones on private grounds nearby instead

of traveling to the  nearest cemetery in San Diego.  Cemetery property was

purchased for $225 from D.S.  Bascom and John G. Burgess in 1903.  The earliest

grave markers belong to the Hall  Family who settled in El Cajon in 1886 and

helped develop and maintain the cemetery for  generations.


The transcription, photography and data entry/verification was organized by

Brent Robertson, Troop 303, for his Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project.


Project volunteers:

Christine Burnham, Jared Burnham, Eric Bussard, Theresa Bussard, Leslie Clayton,

Sharon Clifton, Russ Comstock, Jocelyn Cowles, James Craddock, Pat Foy,

Jeremiah Hunter, Trevor Isom, James Jacobs, David Jenkins, Brent Keller,

Darlene Keller, Connie Leavitt, Randal Leavitt, Rawson Leavitt, Rochelle Leavitt,

Sarah Leavitt, Theron Maas, Corrine Magoffin, Megan Magoffin, Jocelyn McCoy,

Mary McCoy, Ryan  McCoy, David Oakes, James Oakes, Robert Oakes, Cheryl Owens,

Tiffany Patterson, Daniel Price, Kirstin Price, Marissa Price, Andrea Robertson,

Brent Robertson, Chelsea  Robertson, Joanne Robertson, Michael Robertson,

Tamara Robertson, Ed Russ, Donald  Tenney, Terry Tenney, Linda Walker,

Becky Wessel, Bob Wessel




Last Name                      Given Names                                      Notes

A                                      J A                                                        (design)

Abbott             Cecil J.             s/w Fonda C. Abbott Beloved Father and Mother 1 Cor. 13 (Cross, Clasped Hands)

Abbott             Fonda C.             s/w Cecil J. Abbott Beloved Father and Mother 1 Cor. 13 (Cross, Clasped Hands)

Acevedo            Luis Arturo          s/w Raquel Victoria Acevedo  God Bless Rest in Peace (Cross, Flowers)

Acevedo            Raquel Victoria      s/w Luis Arturo Acevedo God Bless Rest in Peace (Cross, Flowers)

Adame              Concepcion J.        s/w Federico Adame  We Love You Mom and Dad  (Photo of Federico and Concepcion J. Adame, birds, flowers)

Adame              Federico             s/w Concepcion J. Adame  We Love You Mom and Dad  (Photo of Federico and Concepcion J. Adame, birds, flowers)

Adams              Heather              Dear Daughter of Bob & Elsie Adams (flowers)

Addington          Edward M.            In Loving Memory

Aegerter           Francis B.           US Army (cross)

Aldama             Manuel M.            In Loving Memory Family & Friends (Christ, Praying Hands)

Allison            Bob                  Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather, & Great Grandfather  “So Long – Partner” (Guitar, Music Notes, Photo of Bob Allison)

Almon              Howard Power         born Montpelier, VT. died Oakland, CA.

Almon              Valeria Hall

Alnes              Elline Sofie         (Flowers)

Alnes              Hans Steen           (Flowers)

Alvarez            Jesus                California Tec 5 Co A 339 Infantry Regt World War II

Alvarez            John A               Beloved Husband Father and Grandfather

Alvarez            Juan                 s/w Preiliana Valle Alvarez     Descansa En Paz

Alvarez            Preiliana Valle      s/w Juan Alvarez     Descansa En Paz

Ames               Rebecca M.           With Love from the Grandchildren Flower)

Anders             Anthony Jerome       In Loving Memory  Beloved father of Michael, Delilah and Christina Never say goodbye (Cross, Bible, Flowers, Guitar)

Anderson           Blanche              (flowers, vines)

Anderson           Carrol Lynn          s/w Richard F. Anderson Beloved Wife, Mother, Sister & Grandmother 54 Yrs. (Flowers, Clasped Hands)

Anderson           Richard F.           s/w Carrol Lynn Anderson Beloved Husband, Father, Brother & Grandfather 54 Yrs. (Flowers, Clasped Hands)

Anderson           Susan                Mother (ivy)

Arballo            Josefa M.            Aqui descansa los restos de (crucifix)

Arballo            Miguel               en paz descanse nuestro querido padre recuerdo de sus hijos (crucifix)

Arballo            Simon E.             aqui descensan los restos de (crucifix)

Arce               Felicitas

Arnall             Wm. Thomas           (Flowers, praying hands)

Arnold             Clementine R         Mother (flowers)

Ave                Margaret I.          In Loving Memory

Baier              Edward Roy Sr.       US Navy World War I (cross)

Baker (Geston)     Helen Susan          Beloved Daughter and Sister “You Lit Up our Lives” (Doves, Praying Hands)

Baldwin            Florence Jeanette    s/w William E. Baldwin Wife Mother & Grandmother She loved Her Lord Jesus Psalm 23

Baldwin            William E.           s/w Florence Jeanette Baldwin   “…a Man of God, furnished Unto All Good  Works.”  Psalm 91

Barmore            Albert G.            California CFCM US Navy World War II (cross)

Barmore            Sue L.               Loving Wife, Mom, Nana and Friend (Hearts)

Barnes             Edna May             (Flowers)

Barnes             John F.              In Loving Memory (Doves)

Bartley            Patrick Lynn         In Loving Memory (doves, cross)

Bascom             Glendora E.          Wife of D. S. Bascom (ivy)

Bascom             Glenn W.

Bashaw             Judd S.              s/w Millie L. Bashaw (Flowers)

Bashaw             Millie L.            s/w Judd S. Bashaw (Flowers)

Baugh              Paul V.              The blessing of Jehovah makes rich Prov. 10:22

Beal               Frank                (Ivy)

Bell               May                  (Star of David)

Benedict           Clayton R.           s/w Edna M. Benedict (flowers)

Benedict           Edna M.              s/w Clayton R. Benedict (flowers)

Benson             Arthur Joel          F1 US Navy (cross)

Biggs              Lily Pauline         In Loving Memory Psalm 23

Biggs              William              In Loving Memory (Mason symbol)

Billings           Cathy Jean           In Loving Memory (praying hands,  roses)

Biskobing          Jerome J. Sr.        Loving Father (cross with rosary)

Bland              Gertrude E.          (Cross)

Bland              Robert W. Jr.        US Navy Korea (Cross)

Blevins            Jimmy Michael        s/w Linda Leigh Blevins To the man in my life   Peace be with you   My precious darling   We love you Dad

Blevins            Jimmy Michael        US Army Vietnam (Cross)

Blevins            Linda Leigh          s/w Jimmy Michael Blevins

Blumenthal         David                Nebraska CGM US Navy World War I

Boger              Jake  Fred           Washington SFC US Army WWII Korea Vietnam (Cross)

Bonne              Harold D.            (Cross)

Bookout            Melvin R.            s/w Opal M. Bookout  57 Years (Cross, Dove, Joined Hands)

Bookout            Opal M.              s/w Melvin R. Bookout 57 Years (Cross, Dove, Joined Hands)

Bottemer           Agnes B.             Wife and Mother (Praying Hands)

Bottroff           Margret E.

Bottroff           Martin B.            CO. 1 81 IND. INF.

Bradshaw           Eric T               California TEC 5 US Army World War II (cross)

Bramwell           Leslie H.            PFC US Army World War I (Cross)

Brockman           Iva

Brogan             Anna Grace           Wife (Flowers, Praying Hands)

Brooks             James Allen          Alabama PFC H&H CO 1SQ 10 Calvary (Cross)

Broughton          Eva R.               She Loved Jesus (lamb, flowers)

Browne             Clarence E.          Texas PVT US Army World War II (cross)

Bryant             Kenneth E.           In Loving Memory (flowers)

Bryant             Melvin H.            In Loving Memory (cross, flowers)

Bryant             Orville E.           In Loving Memory (cross, flowers)

Buckles            Virginia             Beloved Wife and Mother (Flowers)

Buckles            Warren Hart          Beloved Husband and Father (pine trees)

Bundy              Jack Jr

Burdi              Marie Anna           In Loving Memory, Devoted Wife for 35 Years

Burns              Grace E.             Beloved Wife (flowers)

Burrows            Perry M.             Beloved Father and Son (Eagles)

Bush               Thomas A.            In Memory of (flowers)

Butera             Lillian Messina      “Nanny” (Flowers, praying hands)

Byrnes             Russell R.           Beloved Husband, Son & Brother (Christ)

Camper             Lillie A. Garner     Mom

Cano De Los Rios   George               QEPD  (heart, Christ, leaves, Cross)

Cano de los Rios   Sacramento           s/w Tomasa Cano de los Rios Que en pas Descansen (Cross, angel)

Cano de los Rios   Tomasa               s/w Sacramento Cano de los Rios Que en pas Descansen (Cross, angel)

Carcano            Cherry               (Flowers)

Carlson            Robert D.            Beloved Brother  Michigan WWII Red Arrow Div. (cross, doves)

Carlton            Oliver J.            (Masonic Emblem)

Carter             Sarah Van Ryn        ‘Mom’ (Flowers, Cross)

Casas              Francisco S.         Sus Hijos Y Familia (Praying Hands, open Bible)

Castillo           Manuela Marquez      In Loving Memory (praying hands, dove, cross)

Catanzaro          Marilyn Joyce SwansonMother Dearly Beloved (Cross, Flowers)

Cauton             Jacinto C.

Ceballos           Natividad Aldama     s/w Rita Aldama Rios Bless the Memories Loving Mother (Christ)

Chadwick           Richard G.           QMI US Coast Guard Korea (Cross)

Chambers           C. Irene             s/w John C. Chambers

Chambers           John C.              s/w C. Irene Chambers

Chandler           Carol Jean           In Loving Memory Daughter and Niece (angels,cross,rosary)

Charles            Elam R.              PVT US Army (cross)

Chavez             Alberto M.           En Memoria  De Su Hermano y Familia (Crucifix, Two Doves)

Chitister          Helen                In Loving Memory (Doves, cross)

Chitwood           James Robert         Beloved Husband and Father (flowers)

Chitwood           Mable Eunice         Beloved Wife and Mother (flowers)

Christensen        Eric                 s/w Maude A. Christensen (Cross, Flowers)

Christensen        Maude A.             s/w Eric Christensen (Cross, Flowers)

Clark              Loyal D.             (Book)

Collier            Welford L.

Collier            Willetta

Collinsworth       Charles C.           BMG 2 USNR (Cross)

Connors            Charles F.           New York SF 1 USNR World War I (Cross)

Connors            Sheila Alice

Conover            Ethel F              s/w Henry R. Conover Asleep in Jesus (cross)

Conover            Henry R              s/w Ethel F Conover Asleep in Jesus (cross)

Contreras          Alicia Ruiz          We Love You Nana (cross,  rosary, praying hands)

Contreras          Refugio A            California PFC US Army World War II (cross)

Contreras          Reyes S.             De su Esposa Sarah (scroll w/flowers)

Contreras          Rosario A.           California PVT US Army World War II (cross)

Contreras          Salvador Moreno      Husband and Father (praying hands, cross)

Cook               Oliver               Michigan PVT US Army World War I (Cross)

Corey              Chester William      Michigan S Sgt Army Air Forces World War II (cross)

Cornelius          Barney A.            Father (flowers)

Cornelius          Dollie B.            Mother (flowers)

Cota               Arthur               In Loving Memory of  From His Wife and Children (I H S)

Cota               Arthur I.            In memory of Son of Arthur and Rita Cota (flowers, cross, praying hands)

Cota               Rita A.              In Loving Memory of  From Her Children (I H S)

Cottrell           Emily L.             s/w Wallace Cottrell  In Loving Memory, 34 Years (flowers, clasped hands)

Cottrell           Wallace              s/w Emily L. Cottrell  In Loving Memory, 34 Years (flowers, clasped hands)

Courtney           Thomas Willian       (cross)

Creelman           Laura                Beloved Wife and Mother (6 Crosses)

Crockett           William              Louisiana PFC US Army World War I (cross)

Crockrell          Addie Mae            Our Beloved Muddy (Flowers, Cross)

Crull              Charles R.           s/w Doris J. Crull 53 Years (Clasped Hands, Flowers)

Crull              Doris J.             s/w Charles R. Crull 53 Years (Clasped Hands, Flowers)

Cuevas             Manuela              (cross)

Cunningham         E. June              Mother A Witness of Jehovah (Flowers)

Cunningham         Louis D.             Beloved Husband Father and Brother (Flowers)

Dakin              Michael J.           (Ivy, cross, rosary)

D’Amico            Joseph A             M SGT US Army World War II Korea (cross)

Darnell            Frances Ruth         In Loving Memory of our Mother and Grandmother “He who has the Son has life.” 1 John 5:12

Darsey             John D.              s/w Wife Husband  A golden heart stops beating, hard working hands laid to rest.  Thank you Lord for blessing us with your

54 Years  Beloved Parents, Grandparents, Friends to All (Birds, cross, flowers)

Davidovsky         Vladimir

Davidson           Frank B.             (cross)

Davidson           George               Beloved Husband and Father “God Grant Me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change” (Clover, Praying Hands)

Davis              Frank Joseph         California PVT US Marine Corps World War I (cross)

Dawson             Theresa M.           In Loving Memory of our Daughter (Angel child with Lamb)

Day                Joan S.              s/w Samuel M. Day In Loving Memory Beloved Parents and Grandparents  (Flowers, Cross)

Day                Samuel M.            s/w Joan S. Day In Loving Memory Beloved Parents and Grandparents  (Flowers, Cross)

De Guenther        William J.           Wisconsin Pvt 6 Air Service World War I (Cross)

De Haas            Joseph

De La Pena         Julio Ruiz           Recuerdo de su Esposa e Hijos

Deltete            Clementine           In Loving Memory   Grandmere de Clem, Robert, & Paul Deltete (cross w/rosary)

Demmelmaier        Deborah              At rest (flowers, cross)

Dennis             Eldora M.            s/w L C Dennis In Loving Memory Our Beloved Wife and Mother 46 years (joined hands, rose)

Dennis             L C                  s/w Eldora M. Dennis In Loving Memory Our Beloved Husband Dad Grandpa and Friend 46 years (joined hands, rose)

Devine             Maurice H.           In Loving Memory

DeWeese            Hubert G.            Ohio PFC US Army (Cross)

Deyerling          Hannah P.            In Loving Memory (Cross, Flowers)

Dodson             Dana                 s/w John H. Dodson Sr. In Loving Memory (Flowers, Open Bible)

Dodson             John H. Sr.          s/w Dana Dodson In Loving Memory (Flowers, Open Bible)

Dominguez          Frank                Beloved Father (cross)

Dominguez          Frank                From of Family (Cross)

Dominguez          John C               Rest in Peace  De Parte De Su Hermano Alberto (cross)

Dominguez          Margarita            Beloved Mother

Donahue            Walter James         US Marine Corps Beloved Jim

Doniger            Louise M.            In loving memory (Doves, Cross)

Dorsey             Mildred Faye         Beloved Mother (Cross, Praying hands)

Doty               Alice P.             s/w Myron R. Doty

Doty               Myron R.             s/w Alice P. Doty

Doughty            Corrine              s/w Wade Doughty (flowers, cross)

Doughty            Wade                 s/w Corrine Doughty (flowers, cross)

Downs              John Lavern          Kansas FP1 US Navy Korea (Cross)

Downs              Rachel L.            Beloved Wife & Mother (Cross)

Drews              John Frederick       New York Sgt US Army World War II (Cross)

Drubins            Janis                Born: Latvia, Died: San Diego Dusi Dieva Miera (Cross, Flowers)

Duley              Michael              (Flowers)

Duncan             Agnes M.             s/w Robert E. Duncan In Loving Memory (Flowers)

Duncan             Robert E.            s/w Agnes M. Duncan In Loving Memory (Flowers)

Dunkle             Ray Lewis            Ohio T SGT US Army World War II (Cross)

Eaton              Beulah Elizabeth     Twin of Robert The angel God loaned us (angel)

Ebuenga            Riccardo P.          My Loving Friend (Shepherd Dog, cross)

Eckhardt           Richard

Edinger            Reuben L.            s/w Vivian K. Edinger In Loving Memory (Cross, Flowers)

Edinger            Vivian K.            s/w Reuben L. Edinger In Loving Memory (Cross, Flowers)

Ellis              Eric James           In Loving Memory (flowers, cross)

Embricks           William A.           Virginia SGT QM TNG Center World War II (Cross)

Escarceda G.       Rev. Manuel          Junio 10, 1910 – Oct 29, 1977 Rev. Manuel Escarceda G. Rec. de esposa e hijos Jamas en nuestro corazon moriras

Creemos en la promesa de Dios No estas muerto duermes Jts. 13 Aug Ap. 19-13  (on long iron cross)

Eskridge           Calvin R.            In Loving Memory of Father (praying hands)

Eskridge           Roy Lavern           Son, Brother and Uncle “Uncle Vern” (Cross)

Eskridge-Sullivan  Lillian J.           Beloved Sister and Aunt (Flowers)

Etcitty            Tony Allen           Beloved Son, Brother & Uncle  The smile will never fade. (Native American)

Eylar              Jess L.

Fansher            Gale J.              s/w Nellie H. Fansher In Loving Memory Beloved Husband (Cross)

Fansher            Nellie H.            s/w Gale J . Fansher In Loving Memory Beloved Wife (Cross)

Farrell            Rose Marie Acebedo   Beloved Daughter & Sister (Flowers, Rosary, Cross)

Faulkner           Cecil P.             S2 US Navy (cross)

Fearn              Clyde H.             s/w Esther P. Fearn (Masonic Emblem)

Fearn              Esther P.            s/w Clyde H. Fearn (Masonic Emblem)

Fee                William F.           Kansas CPL FIELD ARTY World War I (cross)

Fimbrez            Maria D.             A Loving Mother

Fishel             Gregory K.           Son The Lord is my Shepherd (Christ with Lamb, Lamb)

Fisher             Chester A.           Husband & Father (Flowers, Cross)

Fisher             Lena Bell            Wife and Mother (Flowers, Cross)

Fitzpatrick        Gordon E.            s/w Josephine M. Fitzpatrick (flowers, rosary, open book)

Fitzpatrick        Josephine M.         s/w Gordon E. Fitzpatrick In Loving Memory (flowers, rosary, open book)

Fleming            Alexander H.

Fleming            Diamond V. Carlton   (Star emblem)

Fletcher           Edwin Carl           Washington CPL US Army World War I (cross)

Flores             John                 (Cross)

Flores             Maria Salome         Always in our Hearts

Flowers            April Kay            Loving Memory from Mother and Brother (Angel)

Forman             Charles Z.           s/w Eva Florence Forman In loving memory (Flowers, Cross)

Forman             Eva Florence         s/w Charles Z. Forman In Loving Memory (Flowers, Cross)

Fossett            Steven M.            SP4 US Army (Cross)

Foulger            Gerald C.            S Sgt US Air Force World War II Korea (Cross)

Foures             James H.             CSM US Army World War II, (Christian fish)

Fouts              Francis M.           CPL US Army World War II

Fox                Martha Elizabeth     Wife and Mother Rest in Peace (Cross and Flowers)

Franchi            A. J.                Wherever you go there you are  You burst into our lives like a shooting star  Glowing with love laughter & artistry you

showed us good times & over 30 cars you owned now you’ve sped on, but in our hearts there you are  PMG

Francis            Alice Hall

Frangieh           Fahed J.             “That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but  have Eternal Life.” John 3:15 (praying hands, cross with rosary)

Frano              Emilio J.            US Navy World War II

Frazier            Fred S               North Carolina PVT US Army World War I (cross)

French             Evelyn Louise Wilson Sister Native of North Bend, Washington (Roses)

French             Maxine K.            In Loving Memory (Cross, roses)

Fribley            Charles A.           s/w Rosa E. Fribley  Beloved Husband & Wife

Fribley            Rosa E.              s/w Charles A. Fribley  Beloved Husband & Wife

Fromang            Trulla Fay           Wife and Mother An artist (flowers, cross)

Fromang            Walter G.            California PFC US Army World War I (Cross)

Fults              Marvin Nelson        PVT US Army Korea

Fultz-Bacasehua    Connie Lee           Beloved Daughter and Mother (Cross w/ Hands & Flowers, photo of Connie Lee Fultz-Bacasehua)

Funk               Deborah Rae          Beloved Daughter, Sister & Aunt  Her Memory Will Always be With Us (Butterfly)

Gale               Carlton A.

Gapen              Jade Darin           In the care of Jesus (angels, fish)

Garcia             George T.            I Climbed Over Many Mountains, Waded Through Many Streams and Waltzed through Many Hearts I Live On in the

Hearts of my Children & Grandchildren (Photo of George T. Garcia, Crosses)

Garcia             Gertrude P.          (Hard to Read This One)

Garcia             Gloria Jean

Garcia             Joseph A. Jr.

Garcia             Joseph A. Sr

Garcia             Lee M.               s/w Ygnacia S. Garcia (flowers, book, rosary)

Garcia             Ygnacia S.           s/w Lee M. Garcia (flowers, book, rosary)

Gebert             Lula

Geiger             Charles E.           s/w Flora T Geiger In loving Memory 49 Years (pinecones, clasped hands)

Geiger             Flora T              s/w Charles E. Geiger In loving Memory 49 Years (pinecones, clasped hands)

Geraci             Carmen               s/w Victor Geraci In Loving Memory (Crosses, Rosaries, Flowers)

Geraci             Victor               s/w Carmen Geraci In Loving Memory (Crosses, Rosaries, Flowers)

Gill               Claude               In Memory of (cross)

Gleichman          Frederick J          DK2 US Navy (Cross)

Gockley            Nora E.              s/w Samuel B.  Gockley (Praying Hands)

Gockley            Samuel B.            s/w Nora E. Gockley (Praying Hands)

Golden             Margaret B.          s/w Raymond E. Golden In loving Memory (flowers)

Golden             Raymond E.           s/w Margaret B. Golden In Loving Memory (flowers)

Gonzales           Mauricio E.

Gonzales-Montiel   Mary                 “Grumpy Grandma” We love you (flowers, cross, rosary beads)

Goodey             Norman Wm.           In Loving Memory (Cross, Vines)

Goodspeed          Lorraine             Sister

Gottsch            Leo Walter           s/w Mary Louise Gottsch 25 Years USN (Fish, Doves, Clasped Hands )

Gottsch            Mary Louise          s/w Leo Walter Gottsch 25 Years “Babe” (Fish, Doves, Clasped Hands )

Graham             Clarence M.          In Memory of our Beloved Father and Brother Love Will Light the Way (Cross, Flowers)

Green              Joseph M.            s/w Petra E. Green In Loving Memory (praying hands, Christ, cross, rosary, unknown personage)

Green              Petra E.             s/w Joseph M. Green In Loving Memory (praying hands, Christ, cross, rosary, unknown personage)

Green              Raymond R.           SGT US Air Force (Cross)

Griego             Charles              Father – Son – Brother ‘Carlos’ Rest in Peace (cross & rosary)

Grieser            Henry                Ohio 1st SGT US Army World War I

Grieser            Margaret F.          Kentucky Beloved Mother (cross)

Griger             Roy Amos             (Flowers)

Grobecker          Gary P.

Grube              Alice Christine      Wife of Rev. C. Howard Grube

Guerrero           Edward               “Anthony” His Memory & Spirit Live With Us (Wings, Statue of Mary)

Gutierrez          Francisco R.         US Army (cross)

Gutierrez          Ysidro A. Jr.        In Loving Memory  Daughter, Brothers, Sisters & Aunt (Rosary)

Hackwith           Florence Lee

Hackwith           James R.             SEAI US Navy (Cross)

Hagan              Otis Harman          Oklahoma PFC US Army Korea (cross)

Hall               Brooke Marie         Our Little Person We Love You (Angel in prayer)

Hall               Burdette Coutts      Aged 24 Yrs.

Hall               Carlton J.           s/w Gail M. Hall In Memory of (lilies)

Hall               Charlotte A.         s/w Jesse P. R. Hall “They That Walketh Righteously-Shall Dwell On High”

Hall               Fannie M.            In Loving Remembrance of Wife of Julian D. Hall Aged 29 Y’rs 10 M’os & 2 D’s

Hall               Florence E.          s/w Wilson D. Hall Mother

Hall               Gail M.              s/w Carlton J. Hall In Memory of (lilies)

Hall               Grant W.             s/w Helene H. Hall (Vine and Berries)

Hall               Helene H.            s/w Grant W. Hall  (Vine and Berries)

Hall               Irene W.             s/w Rexford L. Hall (Cross )

Hall               Jesse P. R.          s/w Charlotte A. Hall “They That Walketh Righteously-Shall Dwell On High”

Hall               John R.              s/w Mariah F. Hall, Aged 71 Yrs. 4 Mo. 16 Ds.

Hall               Julian E.            CFR 1 CL Air Service (Cross)

Hall               Lois R.              In Loving Memory (Cross)

Hall               Marian F.            s/w John R. Hall, Aged 81 Yrs. 3 Mo. 20 Ds.

Hall               Marie Elizabeth      My Jesus, I love Thee, I Know thou art mine

Hall               Mary J.              Aged 15 Yrs.

Hall               Rexford L.           s/w Irene W. Hall (Cross)

Hall               Rexford Luther       PFC US Army World War I (Cross)

Hall               Rosa L.              Aged 22 Yrs.

Hall               Ross Erwin           TEC 5 US Army World War II

Hall               Wilson D.            s/w Florence E. Hall Father

Hammack            Ephraim O            California PFC Infantry World War I (Cross)

Hardrick           Jeffery T.           Loving Son and Brother (Flowers)

Hardy              Bert W. Jr.          California MM1 US Navy World War II (cross)

Harmon             Mildred C.           s/w Ralph B. Harmon Together Forever (Hymn books, Clasped Hands)

Harmon             Ralph B.             s/w Mildred C. Harmon Together Forever (Hymn books, Clasped Hands)

Harmon             Ralph B.             CPL US Army Air Corps World War II (Cross)

Harrison           Frederick Lewis      Here Lies a Real Liver, with Onions

Hartnett           Norman Paul          In Loving Memory From Mother: Bonnie Sue Hartnett Brothers: Daniel, Edward,William, Kevin  Sister: Terry (Flowers)

Hathaway           Mary

Hayden             Roy W.               InLoving Memory (doves, praying hands)

Haywood            James L.             PVC US Army World War II (cross)

Hazzard            Benjimin J.          In Loving Memory (Flowers)

Heck               Caroline D.          Beloved Wife and Mother She loved and was loved (Praying hands, Roses)

Heffner            Clayton O.           PVT US Army World War II (Cross)

Heffner            Elizabeth B.         (US Flag)

Heisler            Eldon                Missouri (cross, ivy)

Heisler            George R.            Wisconsin PVT CO 81 INF TNG BN World War II (cross)

Hellmuth           Frederick G.         New York PVT CO D 307 Infantry World War II  (Cross)

Herrera            Jesus I.             Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos

Herrera            Petra Islas De       Rdo. de su familia (Star, cross)

Herrera            Rufina C.            Beloved Mother (cross, roses)

Herzog             Florian E.           CPL US Army (Cross)

Hesketh            John                 (flowers)

Hess               Lulu                 Beloved Wife of  J.M. Asher Jr.

Hickox             Mary A.              s/w Ralph L. Hickox (flowers, cross)

Hickox             Ralph L.             s/w Mary A. Hickox (flowers, cross)

Hicks              Louise C.            In Loving Memory

Hiddleston-Starkey Carol Ruth           Beloved Wife, Mother, and Grandmother (cross)

Higuera            Arturo               s/w Celia Higuera  In Loving Memory  Father (Cross, Engraving of Mary)

Higuera            Celia                s/w Arturo Higuera  In Loving Memory   Mother (Cross, Engraving of Mary)

Hill               Hubert A.            s/w Sabria L. Hill   In Loving Memory (Praying Hands, Clasped Hands)

Hill               Sabria L.            s/w Hubert A. Hill    In Loving Memory (Praying Hands, Clasped Hands)

Hipkiss            Russell J.

Hoar               Fred L               s/w Gladys M. Oar “We have fought a good fight, have finished our course, and have kept the faith.”  II Tim 4:7 (flowers)

Holder             Robert Shawn         Our “Bobby” I Love You, Mom (teddy bear, heart, flowers)

Holland            Laura A.             Mother

Holmes             Albert E.            In Loving Memory (Music Notes)

Holmes             Doris DeJournette    In Loving Memory (symbol)

Holmgren           John                 (Masonic Emblem)

Hooper             Patrick Eden         Wyoming PFC US Army World War I (cross)

Hudson             Frederick C.         ENC US NAVY World War II Korea (Cross)

Hughes             Donald E.            (Mason symbol)

Hughes             Lois                 In Memory of

Hulbert            Loreen F.            s/w Chas. R. McCullough “Mickie” In Loving Memory (Praying Hands, Dove)

Humphrey           Allen E.

Humphrey           Louise Waite         s/w James W. Walsh and Elizabeth Walsh More than a Memory (cross)

Ireland            Bill H.              s/w Mike W. Ireland and Florence E. Ireland In loving Memory (crosses, doves)

Ireland            Florence E.          s/w Mike W. Ireland and Bill H. Ireland In loving Memory (crosses, doves)

Ireland            Mike W.              s/w Bill H. Ireland and Florence E. Ireland In loving Memory (crosses, doves)

Isham              George Lester        Kansas Pvt US Army World War I (cross)

Jackson            Vaughn C.            Missouri PFC US Army World War II (Cross)

Jeffers            Grace Emma           Beloved Mother of Jean and Dora  Psalm 23 (flowers, book)

Johnson            James W.             En memoria (Roses, Bible, Rosary)

Johnston           Beatrice             s/w John F. Johnston In Loving Memory (Flowers, Cross)

Johnston           John F.              s/w Beatrice Johnston In Loving Memory (Flowers, Cross)

Jones              William              (cross)

Jones              William P.           Texas A1C US Air Force Korea (cross)

Joyce              Daniel Wm.           ‘Danny’ Son & Brother (Cross, musical notes)

Joyce              Florence Marie       ‘Mom’ (cross, musical notes)

Kane               Francis J.           U.S. Marine Corps

Kauffman           Harry Shank          In Loving Memory Husband (Doves, clasped hands)

Kauffman           John Bennett         In Loving Memory Father of John Trout   Grandfather of Five (Mason)

Kear               Dorothy              (Flowers)

Kelly              Thomas I.            Rest Peacefully (flowers, praying hands)

Kendall            Dorman M.            s/w Margaret Taylor Kendall (Mason, Joined Hands, Flowers)

Kendall            Margaret Taylor      s/w Dorman M. Kendall (Mason, Joined Hands, Flowers))

Kent               Chas. A.             Gone to a fairer land of pleasure and love to join the bright band of angels above

King               Edna A.              s/w Eza E. King (flowers, cross)

King               Eza E.               s/w Edna A. King

King               Glemont              Michigan CWT US Navy  World War I (Cross)

King               John Joseph          Father (Cross, Rosary)

King               Richard C.           California GM1 USNR World War II (Cross)

Kinyon             Vera M.              In Loving Memory (Cross, Roses)

Kishpaugh          Adrian               US Army World War I

Kishpaugh          Arline A.            In Loving Memory (Flowers)

Kitchenka          Evabelle             (Flowers, Cross)

Kitchenka          John W.              MM 1 US Navy (Cross)

Kline              John Joseph          (cross)

Klowas             Richard C.           New York SN US Navy Vietnam (cross)

Komohs             Caroline F.          s/w Paul A. Komohs In Loving Memory (Praying Hands, Roses)

Komohs             Paul A.              s/w Caroline F. Komohs In Loving Memory (Praying Hands, Roses)

Konrath            Aranka Agnes         s/w Cornelius K. Konrath and Ilona-Trudy Konrath

Konrath            Cornelius K.         s/w Aranka Agnes Konrath and Ilona-Trudy Konrath

Konrath            Ilona-Trudy          s/w Aranka Agnes Konrath and Cornelius K. Konrath Daughter

Krutzina           Magdaline Ruth       s/w William E. Krutzina Together Forever

Krutzina           William E.           s/w Magdaline Ruth Krutzina Together Forever

Kuhn               Helen E.             In Loving Memory (Cross, Praying Hands)

La Nois            F. Gertha Haines     “Our Mimi” (flowers, cross)

LaBadie            Bradley Adams        In Loving Memory Resting in Jesus (cross)

LaMarre            Robert John Sr.      US Army Vietnam Love You Forever Donna and Bobby (Cross)

Lambert            Schellie Evalina     “Death is Only a Shadow Across the Path to Heaven” (Woman with cross)

Lask               Petra Ruiz           Mother of eight Your love is still our guide (cross, rosary)

Latimer            Mary Lillian         (flowers)

Lavalle            Paul Michael         In Loving Memory (Photo of Paul Michael Lavalle, flower, open Bible with rosary)

Lee                Dorothy Maude        Born in Eydon, England

Lee                June Rose            Our Beloved Mother, Grandmother and Friend In Jesus Arms (cross, rose, rosary)

Lee                Lieutenant Wilson    PVT US Army World War II

Lee                Robert Andrew        “Andy”

Lee                Willard Arden Sr.    Everyone Loved Him (Fishing Pole & Fish)

Lemberger          Dr. Helene H.        Beloved Friend  Native of Austria  Chief Chemist, Abbot Labs/Chicago (Flowers)

Lewis              Ernest

Lewis              Kenneth A. Jr.       In loving memory He Belongs To Jesus (Bible Phil. 1:21)

Lewis              Shirley Jean         Beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother & Great-Grandmother  Jesus Be With You (Cross, Flowers)

Lilley             Benjamin E.          In Loving Memory of my Hustand From His Wife Ruby Lilley

Lindstrom          George D.            New York S2 US Navy World War I (cross)

Lippincott         Edward M.            s/w Emma Belle Lippincott  Married 03-16-1891 (Book, Flowers)

Lippincott         Emma Belle           s/w Edward M. Lippincott  Married 03-16-1891 (Book, Flowers)

Litafik            William J.           In Loving Memory (Bible, Flowers, Rosary)

Little             Astrid

Loden              Edward F.            In Loving Memory (flowers, cross)

Logan              Margaret M.          s/w Frank R. Marsh & Margaret M. Marsh

Lopez              Jesus A.             Beloved Father

Lopez              Manuel A.            Our Beloved Brother, The Lord is My Shepherd (Cross, Flowers)

Lowe               Michael R            US Navy

Lowers             Fred Joseph          Illinois, CPL US Army (Cross)

Lucas              Walter Brantley      CPL US Marine Corps Korea (cross)

Luft               David Jr.            GY SGT US Marine Corps World War II  Korea (Cross)

Lutes              Alice E.             With All Our Love (Dove, Flowers)

Lyford             Cindy                “Her bark was worse than her bite”  Dedicated to Cindy by her many friends.  You have gone to be with your “spotted”

companions again.  (Photo of dog)

Lytle              Albert H.            Kentucky PVT 362 Infantry World War I (Cross)

M                  R T

Mackaman           Patricia

Maclean            Gloria T.            In Loving Memory (Angels, Rosary)

Maclean            John Elliott         In Loving Memory Son, Husband and Father (Rosary, Angels)

Macomber           Sally King Baldwin   Aunt Our Mother Grand and Great (Cross, Flowers)

Maffioli           Paul H.              In Loving Memory (Flowers, Cross)

Magness            Lindbergh            Georgia BM2 US Navy (Cross)

Maher              Clara May            (Cross, Flowers on a Book)

Main               James L.             Beloved father and stepfather Native of Winnipeg (maple leaves)

Maltby             Donald I.            s/w William A. Maltby and Mary L. Maltby  (Flowers)

Maltby             Mary L.              s/w Donald I. Maltby and William A. Maltby  (Flowers)

Maltby             William A.           s/w Donald I. Maltby and Mary L. Maltby “Billy” (Flowers)

Manriquez          Guadalupe C.         In Loving Memory from Daughter and Granddaughters (Open Book, Rosary)

Manser             John C.

Mansfield          Alice                Metal Marker with name only

Maresca            Salvatore Frank Jr.  In Loving Memory Of (doves, flower)

Marks              Bonnie               Devoted wife, mother, sister, friend    She walks with Jesus now (Christ, flowers)

Marks              Jack Sr.             Devoted Husband, Son, Father, Brother  He rides with the Lord now (motorcycle)

Marmon             Sandra Kay

Marquez            Doroteo              s/w Teresa Marquez Recuerdo de sus hijos Q.P.D.  (Cross on top)

Marquez            Florence C.          s/w Henry Marquez In loving Memory Mother  (crosses with roses, clasped hands)

Marquez            Henry                s/w Florence C. Marquez In Loving Memory Married 53 yrs. Father (crosses with roses, clasped hands)

Marquez            Marie Henrietta      Age; 3 Months Our Little Angel (Kneeling Angel in Prayer, Cross)

Marquez            Teresa               s/w Doroteo Marquez Recuerdo de sus hijos Q.P.D.  (Cross on top)

Marsh              Frank R.             s/w Margaret M. Logan & Margaret M. Marsh

Marsh              Margaret M.          s/w Margaret M. Logan & Frank R. Marsh

Martin             Catherine M.

Martin             W. Everett

Massengale         Belma R              SP1 US Navy (Cross)

Mathison           Mary D.              In Memory of (Cross, Flowers)

Mattern            Christine            My Loving Wife

Matusio            Robert M.

Matuzas            Eleanor Sonja        She will always be loved by her friends, old and new. (cross)

Mauldin            Dallas               MM2 US Navy (cross)

Maxey              James Frank          Kansas CCS US Navy World War I & II (cross)

Mayfield           Muriel H.            In Memory

McAuliffe          Virginia E.          In Loving Memory (Pine Trees, Dove,  Rose)



McCarthy           Jessie Fay           s/w Leo Benjamin McCarthy Beloved Parents Grand and Great (Flowers, Cross)

McCarthy           Leo Benjamin         s/w Jessie Fay McCarthy Beloved Parents Grand and Great (Flowers, Cross)

McCarthy           Louis Waite          California Pvt 36 SVC CO Sig Corps World War I  (Cross)

McClure            Margaret C.          Great Grandmother  Born Leavenworth, Kansas   Died San Diego, Calif. Rest in Peace (Cross, Flowers)

McCollum           Nina Lee Morgan      In Loving Memory (open book)

McCoy              Jerry W.             s/w Margaret H. McCoy In Loving Memory (Cross, Roses)

McCoy              Margaret H.          s/w Jerry W. McCoy In Loving Memory (Cross, Roses)

McCready           David C.             Kentucky PVT CO 1 116 Engineers World War I (Cross)

McCullough         Chas. R.             s/w Loreen F. Hulbert “Chuck” In Loving Memory (Praying Hands, Dove)

McDaniel           David W.             In Loving Memory (open book)

McDonald           Lawrence Clyde       In Loving Memory (Cross)

McDougal           Georgia E.           s/w Gradie F. McDougal In Loving Memory (Flowers)

McDougal           Gradie F.            s/w Georgia E. McDougal In Loving Memory (Flowers)

McDougall          Joseph M.            PFC US Army (cross)

McGrath            Cecila R.            A Loving Mother (praying hands, cross)

McGrath            Joseph George        s/w Margaret Canavan McGrath  Chicago Ill Parents of Joseph Peter, Michael, Christopher, & Mary Ann Elizabeth (cross)

McGrath            Kevin Michael        Beloved Son of Michael and Linda  La Mesa, CA (cross with rosary)

McGrath            Margaret Canavan     s/w Joseph George McGrath  Mechanicsville NY Parents of Joseph Peter, Michael, Christopher, & Mary Ann Elizabeth (cross)

Meade              Thomas Joseph        Alaska S1 US Navy World War II (Cross)

Means              Laura                Grave marker from friends, not relatives (Flowers)

Means              LeRoy Ross           (Flowers, 3 interlocking rings with letters: FLT)

Medina             M Lourdes            (Cross, Rosary, Angels)

Meil               Joyce E.             The Heart That Loves is Always Young (figure pouring water from a jug)

Menchaca           Daniel               Recuerdo de tus Padres y Hermanos Salmo: 23 Que Dios te Bendiga (Book, Praying Hands, Dove)

Mercado            Sara A.              Querida Madre (rosary and bible)

Merziotis          Dino L.              (angels, cross)

Meserve            Myrtle               (Daisies)

Meza               Juana R.             “Aunt Jennie” Beloved Mother Grand & Great (Cross, Rosary, Flowers)

Meza               Rosa Maria           Our Beloved  Daughter, Sister, Mother (cross, flowers)

Miles              Arthur Charles       (Flowers)

Miller             Charles Joseph       US Navy Vietnam (Cross)

Miller             David William        US Navy World War II (Cross)

Miller             Henry M. Jr.         LT COL US Army (Cross)

Miller             Ronald Lynn

Miller             Sallie S             Thank You Mom (Roses)

Milligan           Dorothia Bell        In Loving Memory (Cross, Flowers)

Mirth              Danny Gene           Mirthy the Clown  We Love You (Clown)

Mitchell           Walter F.            M.D.

Mondez             Andres

Monkman            Elmer B.             (Flowers)

Monkman            Lula B.              A witness of Jehovah (Flowers)

Montiel            Anita F.             Daughter & Sister (praying hands, cross, rosary)

Montiel            Eleuterio J.         Husband & Father (praying hands, cross, rosary)

Montiel            Jose De La Cruz      s/w Juana Barbara Montiel In Loving Memory (cross, rosary)

Montiel            Juana Barbara        s/w Jose De La Cruz Montiel In Loving Memory (cross, rosary)

Montiel            Manuel               Beloved Uncle (praying hands, cross, rosary)

Montiel            William Sr.          (Rosary, praying hands, Doves)

Montiel M          Maria                Wife & Mother (praying hands, cross, rosary)

Morin              Margaret Elizabeth   Beloved Mother and Grandmother The Lord is my Shepherd (Jesus holding lamb, lamb)

Mosher             Clayton

Mott               Jane Ward            In Memory of Mother (flower)

Moyer              Alice B.             (Book)

Mundinger          Jack D.              s/w Marlyne N. Mundinger Beloved Husband and Father (Cross, Rosary)

Mundinger          Jack V.              Beloved Son & Brother (Cross, Rosary)

Mundinger          Marlyne N.           s/w Jack D. Mundinger Beloved Wife and Mother (Cross, Rosary)

Mundinger          Susanne J.           Beloved Wife and Mother (Cross, Rosary)

Murphy             Francis James        “Pat” Artist

Myers              Eugene Gilbert

Neffew             Goldie C.            s/w Russell A. Neffew Together always (praying hands)

Neffew             Russell A.           s/w Goldie C. Neffew Together always (praying hands)

Nelson             Esther Pauline       Nothing Loved is Ever Lost….and She was Loved So Much Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Sister

God’s Finger Touched Her and She Slept (Cross, Hands, Flowers, Photo of Esther Pauline Nelson)

Nelson             Florice              s/w R.P. Nelson   Noble Path

Nelson             R. P.                s/w Florice Nelson   Noble Path

Newman             Richard A.           “Richie” Our Friend, Our Brother, Our Son Forever “Game Over I Win” (Cow, Guitar)

Newton             Lenna V.             Gone But Not Forgotten (Ivy)

Nunes              Manuel Jack          Beloved Uncle (Praying hands, Cross and Rosary)

Nunez              Helen Smith

Nuss               Sharon Orescanin     In Loving Memory

Oar                Gladys M.            s/w Fred L. Hoar “We have fought a good fight, have finished our course, and have kept the faith.”  II Tim 4:7  (flowers)

Oberlin            Mark W.              In Loving Memory Psalm 144:15  Happy is the people whose God is Jehovah! (Doves)

O’Brien            Edith E.             (flowers)

Okunewitch         Stephanie            (Cross, Flowers)

O’Leary            Daniel               (Cross)

Olivera            Arturo Hernandez     Querido Hermano de Amparo Hernandez Barrios (Christ and cross)

Olivera            Jose Hernandez       Querido Hermano de Amparo (Christ, cross)

Olmstead           Frances              Beloved Mother The Lord is my Shepherd

Olson              Andrew               Norway PVT US Army World War I (Cross)

Oppeltz            Lana Dee             (cross,  praying angels)

Owen               Andrew H.            s/w Lola P. Owen “Slim” In Loving Memory Because of Calvary, We’re Not Here (Praying Hands, Fish, Rose)

Owen               Lola P.              s/w Andrew H. Owen  In Loving Memory Because of Calvary, We’re Not Here (Praying Hands, Fish, Rose)

Palmer             Charles E.           (book)

Panos              Erwin                (Cross)

Parcell            Ira Jackson          PVT US Army World War II (cross)

Parker             Thomas D.            SGT US Marine Corps (cross)

Partee             Alberto E.           Beloved Brother in Christ

Patterson          Alfred T.            s/w Alice S. Patterson (flowers, cross)

Patterson          Alfred T.            PFC US Army World War I (cross)

Patterson          Alice S.             s/w Alfred T. Patterson (flowers, cross)

Patterson          Fred N.              s/w Sarah J. Patterson

Patterson          Guy W.

Patterson          Harry W.

Patterson          Lois                 In Loving Memory Life is Changed, Not Taken Away. Walk with God I Love You

Patterson          Sarah J.             s/w Fred N. Patterson

Payne              John                 “Mike” (Cross)

Pearce             Carl F.              s/w Ola E. Pearce In loving memory (cross)

Pearce             Ola E.               s/w Carl F. Pearce In loving memory (cross)

Peckover           Walter E. Jr         Kansas CMOMM US Navy World War II (Cross)

Pedler             Joe                  En Memoria de (Doves, Praying Hands)

Pedler             Refugia L.           In Loving Memory Hermana Maria (Flowers, Book, Rosary)

Pedler             William              In Loving Memory of my Husband (Doves, Cross, Rosary)

Pedrin             Linda Louise         My Beloved Wife (Flowers, Cross with Rosary)

Perdue             Leroy Stevens II     Beloved Son (cross)

Peres              Lilia Mrs.           Recuerdos de tus Amigas Mina y Dora

Perez              Victoriano           PVT US Army World War II (cross)

Perhab             Louise               Wife of Mathias Perhab

Perry              Michael James        We Love You

Peterson           Edward H.            s/w Shirley J. Peterson In Loving Memory (Pine Tree)

Peterson           Edward Howard        PFC US Army Korea (Cross)

Peterson           George F.            Mississippi ENC US Navy World War II (Cross)

Peterson           Shirley J.           s/w Edward H. Peterson In Loving Memory (Pine Tree)

Petit              Wilma Lee            At Rest

Philhower          Albert III           (angels, cross)

Phillips           Joe E.               (cross, flowers)

Pioterek           Peggy Sue            In Loving Memory Sister, Mother and Friend (Flowers)

Pioterek           Phyllis Joan         In Loving Memory of a Precious Mother and Friend (Cross, Flowers)

Pollack            Paul C.

Pollak             Hortense

Ponchetti          Bernard              Our Beloved Father (cross, flowers, bible “Forever in our hearts”)

Ponchetti          Steffie              Our Beloved Mother (cross, flowers, bible “Forever in our hearts”)

Porter             Jesse D              TA US Navy Korea

Powell             Anna Lucy            In Loving Memory (roses, cross with rosary)

Powers             William Lee          (Cross)

Presley            Joe Earl             Brother (Ivy, cross)

Pribble            Leo                  “Randy” Beloved Husband – Father The Lord is My Shepherd (Book)

Quinn              William Daniel       In Loving Memory (Cross)

Quintanar          Benedicta D.         (flowers, cross)

Quintanar          Fidel M.             Querido Papa Que En Paz Descanse (Christ w/cross, flowers)

Quintanar          Frank                California T SGT 456 PRCHT FA BN World War II

Quintanar          John                 Recuerdo de su familia (cross w/ leaves)

Quintanar          Pete C.              Recuerdo de su familia (cross, flowers)

R                  P F                  (hand)

Ramos              Louise               In Loving Memory (cross, virgin Mary)

Ramsey             Stanley              (cross, flowers)

Randolph           Jim                  PVT US Army (Cross)

Rasmussen          Nathalie M.          En Memoire De Notre Fille

Ratner             Augie                SGT US Army World War I & II (Star of David)

Rear               George Maxon         Pennsylvania PVT US Army World War I (cross)

Recla              Martha S.            In Loving Memory Rest in Peace (Flowers, Praying Hands, Cross, Rosay)

Reed               Florence F.          In Loving Memory (flowers, cross)

Reiling            Joseph M.            Beloved Husband and Father Asleep in Jesus (praying hands, cross on open bible)

Reineke            Elaine               In Loving Memory (flowers, cross)

Renzulli           Jennie G.            s/w Louis Renzulli In Loving Memory (Doves, Cross)

Renzulli           Louis                s/w Jennie G. Renzulli In Loving Memory (Doves, Cross)

Renzulli           Natalie              In Loving Memory (doves, cross)

Rhea               Michael T.           EM3 US Navy World War II (Cross)

Rhodes             Howard               Born in Clever, MO.

Rice               Chester A.           In Loving Memory (Praying Hands)

Rice               Mildred              In Loving Memory She Dwells in the House of the Lord (praying hands)

Richardson         Harry R.             Beloved Husband and Father (two horses)

Ricks              Elaine               In Loving Memory (Flowers)

Riedel             Henrietta Jensen     In loving memory

Ring               Clyde Wilson         Kansas PVT Air Corps (Cross )

Rios               Denise Colleen       Our baby “Dincus May” We Shared a Brief Love for Eternal Memories (Angels, cross)

Rios               Frank F.             PFC US Army World War II (Cross)

Rios               Gregorio             s/w Melecio Rios, Guadalupe Rios, and Maria J. Rios  Baby  Por los hermanos (flowers)

Rios               Guadalupe            s/w Melecio Rios, Guadalupe Rios, and Maria J. Rios 6 yrs  Por los hermanos (flowers)

Rios               Juan Carlos          In Loving Memory Loved by All (cross)

Rios               Maria J.             s/w Melecio Rios, Guadalupe Rios, and Maria J. Rios Baby  Por los hermanos (flowers)

Rios               Melecio              s/w Gregorio Rios, Guadalupe Rios, and Maria J. Rios  Baby  Por los hermanos (flowers)

Rios               Rita Aldama          s/w Natividad Aldama Ceballos Bless the Memories Devoted Grandmother (Christ)

Roberts            Ed H.                We love you (Pine trees, snow)

Robertson          Bert M.              s/w Mary L. Robertson and Rebecca R. Robertson In loving Memory Father (Salt Lake Temple, Book of Mormon, Music staves)

Robertson          Mary L.              s/w Bert M.Robertson and Rebecca R. Robertson Mother (Salt Lake Temple, Book of Mormon, Music staves)

Robertson          Rebecca R.           s/w Bert M. Robertson and Mary L. Robertson Daughter (Salt Lake Temple, Book of Mormon, Music staves)

Rockett            James J              TSGT US Army World War II (cross)

Roether            Charles J.           s/w Iola F. Roether (Praying Hands)

Roether            Iola F.              s/w Charles J. Roether (Praying Hands)

Roether            Jackson C.           s/w Marjorie E. Roether (Cross)

Roether            Marjorie E.          s/w Jackson C. Roether (Cross)

Rogers             Goldie               s/w Red Rogers (Open Bible)

Rogers             Red                  s/w Goldie Rogers (Open Bible)

Rojo               J. Ramon Lopez       La Tierra Guarda Tu Cuerpo El Cielo Tu Alma y Nuestro Corazon Tu Recuerdo RDO. De Su Esposa e Hijos

Romero             Edelmira

Romero             Herminio             Beloved Father, Grandfather & Great-Grandfather

Romero             Mary A.              s/w Matias Romero In Loving Memory (praying hands, rosary)

Romero             Matias               s/w Mary A. Romero In Loving Memory (praying hands, rosary)

Romero             Totilo

Rose               William Jennings     TEC 5 US Army World War II (Cross)

Ross               Ruby A.              Beloved sister  (roses, praying hands)

Rossney            Glenn A.             California PFC Army Air Forces World War II (Cross)

Rubio              Fred Steven          California PVT US Army World War I (cross)

Ruis               Alvin M.             s/w Mary Coyne Ruis

Ruis               Ambrosio             “Bocho” We Love You Dad (Cross, Flowers)

Ruis               Ambrosio D.          Erected by his wife

Ruis               Aurora A.

Ruis               Mary Coyne           s/w Alvin M. Ruis

Ruiz               Clemencia Herrera    In Loving Memory (bible, rosary, praying hands)

Ruiz               Larry David          Our Father – Our Friend ‘Til we Meet Again (Flag, Cards, Photo of Larry David Ruiz)

Ruiz               Lee J.               Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend  (Photo of Lee J. Ruiz, Cactus, Quad)

Ruiz               Lee J.               US Army Air Corps

Runbeck            Sally Alice          In Loving Memory

Russell            David C.             s/w Robert Arthur Russell  Sons, Brothers, Husbands, Fathers Loved By All Who Knew Them (Doves)

Russell            Mildred N.           In Loving Memory “Mom” To All Who Knew Her (Doves, Book)

Russell            Robert               (Masonic Emblem)

Russell            Robert Arthur        s/w David C. Russell  Sons, Brothers, Husbands, Fathers Loved By All Who Knew Them (Doves)

Russell            Robert Jr.           F3 US Navy World War II (Cross)

Salazar            Edward D.            “Eddie”  In Loving Memory  Awaiting Christ Return (Cross)

Salyers            Chester              T Sgt US Army World War II (Cross)

Salyers            Eva Mae              In Loving Memory (Cross, Flowers)

Sanders            James                Texas PVT 11 CO 165 Depot Brig World War I

Sanford            Wilson               PVT US Army

Sarabia            John L.              (open Bible w/rosary)

Saucier            Sara M.              In Loving Memory (Flowers, Cross, Rosary)

Sayles             Eva                  In Loving Memory (Cross)

Scaramuzzino       Joseph               PFC US Army World Ward II (Cross)

Scaramuzzino       Joseph

Schmidt            Frederick D.         Pvt US Army World War II (Cross)

Schmidt            Jane Alice Taylor    Beloved Daughter (Flowers, Open Book)

Schoenfeldt        Gladys               Beloved Wife of Robert

Schroeder          Alma                 In Loving Memory (cross, open Bible, flowers)

Schwichtenburg     Paul G.              Illinois PVT US Army World War I (cross)

Scott              Nancy S.             In Loving Memory Wife Mother Grandmother Forever in our Hearts Safe with Jesus (Cross, flowers, praying hands, hearts)

Scott              Robert H.            In Loving Memory (flowers)

Seale              Flossie Cheshier     In Loving Memory (Flowers, Cross)

Sears              Marion Hall          (Flower)

Sedlock            Ruby Maxine          Mother & Grandmother Our Beloved Always Love You (Hearts and Ivy)

Severyns           Joseph H.            Beloved Husband and Father

Shafer             Karl A               Pennsylvania LT COL US Army World War II (cross)

Shea               Patrick J.           (Book w/ Rosary Inside)

Shelton            Cyrus T.             Mississippi CPL US Army World War I (Cross)

Shen               Bert                 PFC Army Air Forces World War II (cross)

Shepherd           Frank D.             Beloved Son (Bird, Sleeping Baby)

Sherra             Antonio E.           CPL US Army World War II

Sherwood           William F.           Beloved Husband and Daddy  “Greatest Piano Tuner” Gone Tuning (Piano, Music Notes)

Shinkan            Timothy Gale-Lawrence”He ran so fast… He ran right into heaven” “Bug”(Photo of Timothy Gale-Lawrence Shinkan’s)

Shirley            Jack                 Massachusetts COX US Navy World War II (cross)

Shirreffs          John Stanley Jr.     To My Beloved Father (Feather Quill)

Siekmann           Elmer                PFC US Army World War II (Cross)

Silcott            Lloyd B.             Colorado CPL US Army World War I  (Cross)

Silkwood           Ada                  s/w Henry A. Silkwood (flowers)

Silkwood           Henry A.             s/w Ada Silkwood (flowers)

Silva              Luis Antonio         Early San Diego County Pioneer    Born in Cape Verde Islands, Portugal

Silva              Rafaela M.           Mother (Cross)

Sinclair           Natalie              Rest In Peace

Siros              Charles              PVT US Army (cross)

Sloan              Richard Wade         California PFC US Army World War II (Cross)

Slusarczyk         Mary P.              Loving Mother and Friend

Small              Marie L.             s/w Stephen T. Small

Small              Stephen T.           s/w Marie L.  Small

Smith              Balbino              Recuerdo De Su Esposa y Familia (Cross, Flowers)

Smith              Benson W.            In Loving Memory (Cross, Roses)

Smith              Candalaria           In Loving Memory (open Bible w/cross & rosary, flowers)

Smith              Carmen               (Cross)

Smith              Charles A.           s/w Gladys M. Smith

Smith              Charles W.           s/w Della C. Smith  In Loving Memory 56 Years (Doves, Clasped Hands)

Smith              Cruz                 Un Recuerdo de su Mama (heart w/cross, leaves)

Smith              Della C.             s/w Charles W. Smith In Loving Memory 56 Years (Doves, Clasped Hands)

Smith              Dorothy E.           We love you Mom (Jesus in Gethsemane)

Smith              Epimenia             Mother Recuerdo de su hijos y esposo

Smith              Eugene               Beloved Father Daughters Ida M. Green, Betty J. Hunter, Patsy J. Young (Cross, Flowers)

Smith              Florinda             (crucifix)

Smith              Gladys C.            s/w Robert M. Smith In Our Hearts Forever 50 Years (flowers, bird)

Smith              Gladys M.            s/w Charles A. Smith

Smith              Hugh R.

Smith              James G.             PVT US Army (cross)

Smith              Jesus                Nacio el 9 de Octubre de 1886 y fallecio el 12 de Sept de 1906 (Cross)

Smith              Robert M.            s/w Gladys C. Smith In Our Hearts Forever 50 Years (flowers, bird)

Smith              Rosamel              de 69 anos 3 meses 17 dias (Cross)

Smith              Roy                  Beloved Husband -Father (flowers)

Smith              Thomas

Smith              Tomasa               edad 54 anos (Crucifix)

Snyder             Doris E.             s/w Edgar J. Snyder 55 yrs.  Always Together (clasped hands, flowers)

Snyder             Edgar J.             s/w Doris E. Snyder 55 yrs.  Always Together (clasped hands, flowers)

Snyder             Elizabeth L.         In memory of (flowers, cross)

Souders            Lottie McDuffie      Beloved Mother

Spencer            Glen O.              s/w Marian J. Spencer In Loving Memory 52 Yrs. (Flowers Clasped Hands)

Spencer            Marian J.            s/w Glen O. Spencer In Loving Memory 52 Years (Flowers Clasped Hands)

Sprenkle           Jill Carey           Beloved Wife and Mother (Photo of Jill Carey Sprenkle, flowers)

Stanley            Johney               In Loving Memory “Dad” (Flowers, Open Book)

Stanovich          Julia                s/w John Timko Mother (Flowers)

Starcher           Faye                 s/w Upton Starcher (Flower, Birds)

Starcher           Upton                s/w Faye Starcher (Flower, Birds)

Stark              Marvin               (flower)

Starr              Elizabeth Knowlton   Rest

Stead              Virginia C.          (Cross, flowers)

Stead              William D.           California CPL 18 FLD ARTY 3 DIV World War I (cross)

Steward            Clyde                Beloved Father of Dolores and Alice (book, rosary, flowers)

Stine              Franklin Glen        Iowa US Army World War II (Cross)

Stockton           Marjorie Eleanor     Forever in our memories and always in our hearts.  She’s in her mansion over the hilltop.   She knew her Bible (open

Bible, Flowers, Jesus, Doves)

Stockton           William Franklin     Loving Husband, Father and Grandfather (cross)

Stone              Irene Naomi          (Flowers)

Sullivan           John Kenneth         Our Baby (Baby Shoes)

Summers            Eva Higbee           s/w William B Summers  Beloved Parents (mountian scene)

Summers            William B.           s/w Eva Higbee Summers  Beloved Parents (mountian scene)

Sutil              Frank                US Navy World War II (Cross)

Sutil              Yvonne C.            Beloved Mother and Grandmother (Cross)

Tarkinton          Raymond Dale         Beloved Son and Grandson

Tatosian           Serop                California PVT US Army World War II (Cross)

Taylor             Bradford P.          Beloved Husband & Father (Flowers, Cross)

Taylor             Leo L.

Taylor             Rupert Norman        PVT US Army World War I (cross)

Taylor             Sarah A Gully        Beloved Wife & Mother (Flowers, Cross)

Thomas             Elliott W.

Thompson           Alan E. Sr.          In Loving Memory “Papa” (bird)

Thompson           Raymond L.           (Leaves)

Thornbrugh         Elmer A.             PFC US Marine Corps World War II

Thurlow            Roy A.               Kansas CPL US Army Spanish-American War (cross)

Tibbetts           Mary Christina       Our Beloved Grandma Forever in Our Hearts (cross)

Tibbetts           Robert

Timko              John                 s/w Julia Stanovich Son US Navy (Flowers)

Tkachuk            Lesley B.            Our Beloved “Beanie”

Tomonelli          Bernard J.           US Army (cross)

Tomonelli          Francis B.           SP5 US Army (cross)

Torbert            Frank                name onlyon metal plate

Touch              Seng                 Beloved Mother and Grandmother (Flowers)

Turner             John R.              Beloved Husband and Father “Bob” (Praying Hands & Flower)

Turner             Kathryn Lucile McCollMother and Grandmother (roses)

Ullman             William T.           (Cross, flowers)

Uribe              Ramona G.            In Loving Memory of  Rest in Christ (cross)

Vaclavek           Frank J.             In Loving Memory (praying hands, cross)

Van Gelder         Henri

Van Ryn            Iona C.              s/w John J. Van Ryn They Loved God – Each Other – Others (Church of the Nazarene Minister Volunteer for the Lord, Bible, Do

Van Ryn            John J.              s/w Iona C. Van Ryn They Loved God – Each Other – Others (Church of the Nazarene Minister Volunteer for the Lord, Bible, Do

Vaughan            Frank Thomas         Illinois AD1 US Navy Korea (Cross)

Vidal              Samuel               California PFC US Army World War I (Cross)

Vidana             Juan                 Tu Recuerdo Vivira Siempre En Nuestro Corazon (Cross, open Bible with flowers)

Villanueva         Maria                Recuerdo De Tus Hijos Descansa En Paz

Vosburgh           John H.              s/w Louise J. Vosburgh Beloved Husband and Dad 52 Years (Roses, Clasped Hands)

Vosburgh           Louise J.            s/w John H. Vosburgh Beloved Wife and Mom 52 Years (Roses, Clasped Hands)

Wadhams            Muriel C.            In Loving Memory (Flowers)

Wadlington         Evelyn               Loving Mother, Grandmother, Darling, Best Friend

Wadlington         Phillip Lavon        Poppy P.W. My Darling Husband Loving Father (flower)

Waite              James W.  Jr.        SP4 US Army Vietnam (cross)

Walcott            Blake A.             In Loving Memory (Flowers)

Walker             William H.           South Dakota PVT 889 ORD HV MAINT CO World War II (cross)

Walsh              Elizabeth            s/w Louise Waite Humphrey and James W. Walsh More than a Memory (cross)

Walsh              James W.             s/w Louise Waite Humphrey and Elizabeth Walsh More than a Memory (cross)

Ward               Leo T                PFC US Army (Cross)

Watkins            Velma                In Loving Memory (cross, rose, poodle)

Watson             Gladys W.

Watt               Inez Parcell         Forever in Our Hearts


Webber             Colbert D.           Husband and Father (Cross, Flowers)

Weber              Emanuel              Beloved Brother & Uncle (praying hands, flowers)

Weddle             Harry H.             s/w Sybil G. Weddle

Weddle             Henry Hedley Jr      1st Lt US Army World War II (cross in circle)

Weddle             Sybil G.             s/w Harry H. Weddle

Wendt              Harry I.             In Memory Of (tulips)

Wheeler            Lawrence C.          Illinois OMC US Navy World War II (Cross)

White              Madeline M.          Mother

White              Thomas W.            PFC US Army World War II (Cross)

Whitfield          James C.             In Loving Memory (Praying Hands, Cross)

Wideman            Jessee James         “Jack” Dad Granpa Friend “Mr. Lakeside” (Boots, Horse Head, Horseshoe)

Wilks              John                 s/w Susan Wilks

Wilks              Susan                s/w John Wilks

Williams           Norman G.            In Loving Memory (Praying Hands)

Williams           Wanda Jo             Beloved Mother (Cross, Flowers)

Wilson             Francis Eugene       California SN US Navy World War II Korea (Cross)

Winters            Clarence M.          s/w Hazel J. Winters “Ted” In Loving Memory 58 yrs. (flowers, clasped hands)

Winters            Hazel J.             s/w Clarence M. Winters In Loving Memory 58 yrs. (flowers, clasped hands)

Witt               Dewey Cleston        Tennessee PFC US Army World War II (Cross)

Wolf               Ida                  s/w Norman J. Wolf (flowers)

Wolf               Norman J.            s/w Ida Wolf (flowers)

Woods              Nellie E.

Wright             Fred C.              Texas SGT US Army World War I (cross)

Wright             Joanna M.            Beloved Mother (open book, roses)

Wyatt              Irma G.              Remember Mini, Dora and Nick, Sandra (Cross, Praying Hands, Dove)

York               Thomas Earl          US Army World War I (Cross)

Young              Hazel D.             In Loving Memory Mother Grand and Great We Love You (Birds)

Young              John Lee             In Loving Memory (angels)

Yurgionas          John A.              Loving Father (anchor, 2 lightning bolts)

Zapata             Pastor               RD Esposa

Zigler             Ada D.               (Flowers)

Zigler             Albert               (roses)

Zigler             Joseph E.            (Flowers)

Zimmerman          Walter Carl          TEC 5 US Army World War II (Cross)