SHS Newsletter April 2018
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Join us March 10th for River Kids Discovery Day

It’s time for San Diego River Kids Discovery Day.   Join the Santee Historical Society, Project Wildlife, The Master Gardener Assoc of S.D. County, & The City of Santee Storm Water Program for a day of fun and learning!

Participants will…

  • …meet a wild animal face to face…

  • …make it rain (literally!) by trying their hand at modeling storms and seeing how storm water runoff affects local rivers and water bodies…

  • …examine River macro invertebrates under a microscope…

  • …explore a local history museum and try out the player piano…

  • …learn about water-safe gardening practices and check out a working vegetable garden…

….all in one place!

This event is an open house, so visitors are encouraged to drop by anytime.

City of Santee Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program
Santee Historical Society
Master Gardener Association of San Diego County
Project Wildlife

Event Details:
Age Recommendation: All ages welcome
Date & Time: Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 11am – 1:30pm
Location: Santee Barn (9200 N Magnolia Ave Santee, CA 92071
Click Here for a Google Map

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Are these related to Santee History?

We have been asked by one of our members why the Santee Historical Society is doing events that don’t seem to be related to Santee History.   The answer is twofold:

  • The events bring people into the Santee Historical Society Museum (“the Santee Barn”).  These are people who ordinarily would not come to see us.  Thus, new people are going thru the museum and seeing and learning about Santee History.
  • These events are really related to Santee History. For instance:
    1. Our Monarch Butterfly event – Santee has historically been an agricultural community.   Our city was originally full of Muscat grapes, exotic fruit trees, and award winning Guernsey’s, along with native milkweed.   The Santee Historical Society is proudly continuing Santee’s tradition of excellence in agriculture by helping preserve the Monarch Butterfly and educating the public about the necessity and beauty of nature.
    2. Our Children’s Public Safety Event –
      1. The Santee Firefighters have been a part of Santee for a very long time. They began as a volunteer Fire Dept. During the Children’s Public Safety Event there will be information on the history of the Santee Fire Dept along with information needed by today’s children to remain safe.  This is in keeping with the spirit of the Santee Fire Dept since its inception
      2. The Santee Sheriff Dept will be helping with the Bicycle Safety Event for our children. Bicycles have been a part of Santee since the 1900’s.   The safety of our children has been a part of Santee forever.

Hopefully we have answered some of your questions about the relevance of our programs to the history of Santee.  We are continuing to learn about our City’s past, present and future.

If you have suggestions to help improve our programs, increase our outreach, and can help us accomplish our goals, please join us on Tuesday mornings.   We hope you will be a part of this learning process with us.


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Wanted – Oral History Project Coordinator

Santee Historical Society is looking for a volunteer  Project Coordinator for our Oral History Project.  We put out a call to our residents to record their memories of Santee before 1980, and we have been overwhelmed with the response.  It has been wonderful.

Our good luck is your good fortune.  Now we need someone that is willing to coordinate the effort to get all these memories recorded.  Contacts need to be made, and appointments set for interviews.    Some Oral Histories will be done by personal interview at homes, or at the Barn, by  telephone or by questionnaire.  The Oral History Coordinator will be responsible for managing all aspects of the oral history project, including recruiting and training volunteers for the project.

Part of the job is to secure volunteers to interview these people and ensure that written summaries of the interviews are made.    You will also be coordinating with a local celebrity in his filming of some of the interviews.

The successful candidate will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the project, including:

– recruiting, supporting and coordinating volunteers;
– organizing interviews and appropriate training for volunteers;
– undertaking research and creating materials for use on the website & temp exhibit;

– organizing and publicizing the project’s program of events.


Applicants for Oral History Project Coordinator should have previous experience working with volunteers, knowledge of and interest in history, an understanding of oral history and experience in interviewing techniques.  They should also have excellent organizational and communication skills.  This is a volunteer job, and the coordinator would need to join the Santee Historical Society.

This is a lot of work, but it can be an opportunity to have your work seen by tens of thousands on the internet.    If you are interested, please send your resume to us at


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Santee Tree Lighting 2017

Gary, Carol, Alan, Rita & Rachel at the Santee Tree Lighting 2017

The Santee Tree Lighting 2017 was fantastic!   This year the Santee Historical Society gave out glow stick bracelets along with the traditional invitation to our Annual Christmas Party & Open House.  (Saturday Dec 2 from 10:30 to 1:30). We gave out over 500 bracelets and could have given out many more if we had them.  We heard that there was over 7,000 people at the event.  It was a tremendous crowd with such energy.  It was so much fun!




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