New Business Member!

Grocery Outlet Logo

We are pleased to welcome Grocery Outlet as the newest business member of the Santee Historical Society.

Grocery Outlet is the nation’s largest grocery extreme-value retailer that offers extreme bargains on brand name merchandise, with prices often up to 50% less than conventional retailers. Each store is a local, independently run, family business.   We are proud to welcome them to our Santee family.

Look for their grand opening coming soon!

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Terry Hansen – Santee man: A way with wood –

Hanson 20150325_165749_r900x493

Even as macular degeneration steals Terry Hansen’s eyesight and arthritis and other health problems slow him, the Santee resident is still crafting original wooden works of art that are beauties to behold. Even losing the top of his left thumb and full use of parts of his four left fingers from an accident three years ago, has not stopped Hansen from creating items from jewelry boxes to storage chests, from game boards to cutting boards, from small tables to counter tops. His items continue to draw applause, attention and awards at art fairs and craft shows around California and the West Coast. He is a featured artist at a show this weekend in Burbank.Hansen’s bursting star made of orange, padauk, purpleheart, maple, Peruvian walnut, wenge, bocote and cocobolo woods grabs attention in the front lobby at La Maestra Community Health Center in City Heights.

“I’m here to be an artist,” Hansen, 63, said of his purpose in life. “Five hundred years from now I want someone to look at my art and say, ‘He had so much in his heart when he made that.’ The idea is that if I do something positive for the world, the less harmful the world is. I guess I’m just an old hippie. I’ve had an amazing career.”

Hansen is a wood inlay artist, who for more than 45 years has been piecing together, almost like a jigsaw puzzle, exotic pieces of colorful wood in meticulous detail. His abstract, intricate and unique geometric designs made from more than 70 kinds of colorful wood from around the world have won him ribbons at the San Diego County Fair and other local contests for more than 30 years.

Inspired by M.C. Escher, Hansen works out of a soundproofed, modest garage studio near Santee Lakes, where colorful wood pieces are sorted out, stacked, separated and line the walls and floor. An electrical saw, knives and other cutting instruments and designing tools are at hand, as are special eye-wear and magnifying lenses to help him see.

“Having a background in woodworking, I’m amazed at his capabilities,” said North County resident Curtis Gerwig, who met Hansen at a Coronado art show 15 years ago, bought one of Hansen’s wooden trunks and went from being a fan to a friend. “I know the kinds of rare, exotic woods he uses and how really difficult it is to inlay, to create a plane finish and actually bring out the grain from the woods. They actually pop off the surface. The way he cuts wood and presents it as an art form is something he’s been working on and honing for 30 years. As far as woodworking, there is no comparison on the West Coast. I have great appreciation for it.”

He’s not alone. Over the years, Hansen said his items have been bought by a curator at the Smithsonian Institution, sold to George W. Bush long before he was president, and have been shown at the Louvre in Paris.
Hansen said he has made more than 43,000 items, not including wooden bars and wooden countertops, like the one he created in his garage for the kitchen of his rental home near Santee Lakes, where he lives with a roommate and four cats.

In his bedroom, Hansen has an intricate multicolored dresser with several drawers that he built many years ago. On top of it is his most cherished creation, a beautifully crafted box holding his mother’s ashes.

Hansen, a Michigan native and twice married and divorced with five children, has lived in Missouri, Florida and out of a mobile home as he traveled cross country for 15 years. Since coming to California, he has lived in several places in San Diego County. He said he first visited California 33 years ago, falling in love with San Diego.

For a time Hansen said he lived out of his mobile home, but for nearly 10 years he also lived among the homeless in the San Diego Riverbed off Friars Road. Health issues and finances put him on the street, but with help from his family, he got back on his feet again. Since the mid-2000s, he has called Santee home.

Another problem has arisen recently for Hansen. City officials have told him he is violating municipal code requirements for a home-based business, including not having a business license, noise and dust emanating from the garage, and an accessory structure in the backyard. Neighbors from across the street have attended City Council meetings to complain about what they say are traffic and parking issues related to his business.

Santee Planning Director Melanie Kush said Hansen may have underestimated his hobby-turned-business.

“A lot of crafters begin small and then they grow, they grow so fast,” Kush said. “They haven’t thought about going someplace else where cottage industries (belong). And sometimes businesses like his belong in industrial areas.”


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Wanted – Santee School Yearbooks

yearbook1 Do you have a yearbook from your years at a Santee, CA school that you don’t know what to do with?   You don’t want to throw them away…they were expensive and carry some wonderful memories!   But they are sitting on a shelf or in a box somewhere and you never look at them anymore.


DONATE THEM TO THE SANTEE HISTORICAL SOCIETY!   We would love to have your old yearbooks.  It doesn’t matter what year they are from.  Any day that that has passed is HISTORY!  And that means it belongs where it will be loved, cared for, and remembered forever.  What better place for those school memories to be than in a museum… like the SANTEE HISTORICyearbook3AL SOCIETY’S MUSEUM!   ♥


Call us at (619) 449-2024 …  or drop it by the museum (the green and white Edgemoor Barn at 9200 Magnolia Ave.)  Hours are as posted.


The Santee Historical Society is a 501(C)3 nonprofit.  Your donations may be tax-deductible.



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Santee Historical Society Evening Meeting & Dedication of Flag Pole

Please join us 6 pm  – Tuesday, August 18th for our first evening General Meeting… 2Jacob,Dianne-2013photo_1

6:00 pm – Welcome Dianne Jacob, others and members; Fr. Crafts, life member, will dedicate the Barn’s new flag pole

6:15 pm – County Supervisor Dianne Jacob will be the guest speaker, addressing questions about the future of the Edgemoor barn property and its link to the River Park, followed by a Q & A.

6:55 pm – Santee’s Boy Scout Troop 347 will provide the Color Guard to Retire the Colors.

The Edgemoor barn is Santee’s oldest historical landmark, however it is owned by the County of San Diego. We need everyone to show their support for the County keeping up the maintenance of the barn while maintaining it as the Home of the Santee Historical Society.

County Supervisor Dianne Jacob has been wonderful supporter of the Santee Historical Society. Your presence at this meeting will reiterate the message to the entire Board that that this is a subject that is important to all Santee residents. Please come and show your support.

Light refreshments will be served.

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20 Years and Counting for Volunteer of the Month | News | San Diego County News Center


July 21, 2015 | 3:29pm


She’s donated 20 years of her time to the County Parks and Recreation Department and most of them went to the open space preserve. For 15 of those years she also acted as President of the Friends of Goodan Ranch and is currently the President of the Santee Historical Society.

The Board of Supervisors honored Crafts on Tuesday for her dedication and named her Volunteer of the Month.

The Sycamore Canyon open space preserve spreads across more than 2,200 acres between the communities of Poway, Lakeside and Santee and features coastal sage scrub and chaparral-covered hills. The preserve also includes the 325-acre Goodan Ranch, ten miles of trails, wildlife, a seasonal creek and glimpses of the people who once lived there.

“She is involved in so many ways, it’s just amazing what she does,” said Parks Volunteer Coordinator Cheryl Wegner. “We’re thrilled to give her this honor.”
Crafts does do it all. She loves to lead the hikes but she also takes part in wildlife and plant studies, gives presentations at the Nature Center, helps raise money for the preserve, leads the Friends group in getting involved with local parades and community fairs, and she researches the history of Goodan Ranch and Sycamore Canyon.

She knows so much about the area’s past, she could write a book about it. In fact she has – “Goodan Ranch and Sycamore Canyon, A History of the Land, Then and Now.”

“The preserve is a really unique window to what the world was like when homesteaders lived there,” said Crafts.

The original ranch house and much of Sycamore Canyon went up in smoke during the 2003 fires but they also revealed something else. The flames burned away foliage that was covering a bit of history – foundations of other historic structures once built in the scenic area. While plants have grown over them again, Crafts can tell you all about it.

“I love everything Carol does for Goodan Ranch,” said County Parks Director Brian Albright. “She kept everything going after the fires.”

The fires were 12 years ago but her love for the area is still going strong. Her enthusiasm isn’t flagging either. “Come and see it,” said Crafts. “If you haven’t been there, you need to come and see it.”

Source: 20 Years and Counting for Volunteer of the Month | News | San Diego County News Center

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New info – Santee Post Office

Santee Post Office is 124 years old this month!

Read an article written in 1985 by Harriette Wade on her research of the post office.



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1996 – For the 1st time in 8 years the Santee Little League team is undefeated

Share your memories of this occasion with us on our Facebook Page!

Do you know who is in the photo?

1996 - Fir the First time in 8 years the Santee Little League is undefeated.

1996 – For the First time in 8 years the Santee Little League is Undefeated.

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1974 – Santee has the first paramedic unit in the county

1974 Paramedic UnitParamedic Unit Slated for Santee  

(1974 – San Diego Union)

The Santee Fire Protection District yesterday announced plans to initiate the county’s first paramedic program sometime next year at an estimated cost of $100,000.

Santee Fire Captain Jack Stephenson said six Santee firemen will enter the Los Angeles County paramedic training program next April based on tentative approval from the program’s director.

The $100,000 will cover all training expenses, salaries for six new firefighters who would be hired to replace those entering the program plus the cost of equipping the ambulance, Stephenson said.

Community Donations

Gene Ainsworth, chairman of the board of directors of the fire protection district, anticipates half the amount needed could be raised through community donations.
Several fund drives already have been started by local mobile home parks..(SMOAC)

Ainsworth also said the board is responding to a request by Santee citizens for implementation of the paramedic unit.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we can save more lives if we are given the proper training to do so,” Stephenson said.

Santee had attempted to interest other East County fire agencies in the program but the cost factor ruled out their participation for the time being.

Pilot Program

Chief Ron Berry said, “If we get this pilot program started others will follow suit.”
Though Santee will pay the entire cost of training its men, approval of the department’s participation also must be obtained from Sr. Sylvia Micik, director of the county Emergency Medical Services and Dr. J.B. Askew, county health director.

Stephenson said the cost per man is $5,048, including salary for three months while training at Harbor General Hospital in Los Angeles County.

The six firefighters would then work a month in a hospital, most likely Grossmont, for eight hours a day and afterwards return to their fire station.

Before becoming licensed paramedics, the fire fighters would spend another month in the field responding to emergencies with a paramedic nurse or doctor.

Grossmont Hospital has indicated a willingness to act as the base station for the program. Cost involved will be $16,000 for the extra training required of the nurses who will handle the paramedic emergencies. Any action on the part of Grossmont Hospital must still be approved by its board of directors.

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1968 Santana High School Yearbook

Here are a list of names that appear in the 1968 Santana Yearbook. Are you still in Santee? Tell us a story about your years at Santana or about living in Santee in the 60’s
1968 Santana Names_Page_1 1968 Santana Names_Page_2 1968 Santana Names_Page_3

Adams, James

Adams, Linda

Ainsworth, Genia

Albee, Joel

Alvarez, Danny

Applegate, Thomas

Ashton, Merle

Barnard, Karen

Barnett, Bradley

Bedford, Mark

Bell, Muriel (Mike)

Benjaminsen, P?l

Berlin, Cathy

Bevers, Janet

Bland, Joyce

Boeck, Carl

Boeck, Janet

Borneman, Sharon

Bostic, Ron

Botticelli, Denise

Brannam, Terry

Braun, Susan

Brooks, Melody

Brown, David

Brown, Larry

Brown, Marvin

Buck, Don

Burke, John

Burns, James L

Campbell, Cynthia

Chambers, Patricia

Chambers, Stan

Clark, Bob

Clarke, Wayne

Cleary, Karen

Coffin, Doug

Cole, Peggy

Combes, Connie

Cook, Mike

Cooper, Mike

Core, Dennis

Cosgrove, Alan

Crull, Kenneth

Cummings, William

Darjany, Suzanne

Davis, Stan

Day, Ralph

Declercq, Michele

Demers, Sue

Diamond, Henry

Downs, Bonnie

Edwards, Douglas

Fitzgerald, Daniel

Fletcher, Walter

Forster, Terry

Gainer, Cora

Galvan, Fred

Gay, Carolyn

Gilb, Ginger

Gilliland, Karen

Godsin, Karen

Gordon, Lori

Hackney, Steve

Hagen, Kathleen

Hale, Larry

Hamilton, Linda

Hansen, Tom Hansen

Hardy, Robert

Harrelson, Bill

Hathaway, Clyde

Heincy, Bill

Heincy, Linda

Hentsch, Brian

Herrera, Janie

Hewitt, Mary

Hillis-Carlson, Syndi

Hinkle, Ariane

Holden, Lona

Hoye, Judy

Hypes, Kyle

Johnson, John

Johnson, Michael

Johnston, Renee

Keen, David

Keen, Richard

Keith, Jackie

Kelley, Paul

Kennedy, Babbette

Kiehl, Ellen

Koerner, Charles F

Lay, Dan

Leslie, Earl

Levie, Christine

Levithure, Judy

Little, David

Lutes, Stephen

MacLean, Scott

Malek, Kathleen

Marlow, John

Martin, William

Mascari, Val

Maves, Cris

McCarthy, Mike

McGill, Jessica

McKay, Steve

McSwain, Katie

Mendoza, Dolores

Miller, Brian

Miller, Donna

Miller, James

Miller, Kathy

Miller, Shelley

Moore, Scott

Morris, Larry

Morse, Robert

Morton, Valerie

Myers, Patricia

Neff, Sandi

Nelson, Russell

Odmark, Mona

Page, Tim

Page, Timothy

Palmer, James

Patison, Barbara

Patrick, Karen

Perdomo, Paula

Perry, Charles

Peterson, Richard

Phillips, Shannon

Pierce, Martha

Pierce, Muriel

Pierce, Marleah

Porter, Pamela

Posey, Beverly

Reed, Cindy

Reed, Norma

Rhodes, Lanny

Rice, Gracie

Richardson, Keith

Ritayik, Therese

Robertson, Gary

Robertson, Glenda

Roehl, Randall (Randy)

Rosen, Sue

Rosner, Glenn

Russell, Debbie

Sanders, Terry

Sargent, Lynn

Saska, James

Schlieder, Dave

Scott, Patrick

Senninger, Dale

Silverman, Jeff

Davis, L Charlene

Smith, Bob

Smith, David

Smith, James

Smith, Jeanne

Smith, Leslie

Smith, Linda

Snelson, Marianne

Spiesman, Mary

Stallings, Kathy

Stegmann, Manfredo

Stephenson, Mickey

Stoll, Bruce

Stone, Larry

Stout, Claudia

Tennant, John

Thacher, Bonnie

Thigpen, Bill

Thomas, Barbara

Thomas, Jim

Tirpak, Barbara

Tucker, Daniel

Twickler, Nira (Rusty)

Vigneau, Edmond

Washburn, Jan

Wasson, Jim

Weeding, Anna

West, Joyce

Whisman, Dennis

White, Allen

White, Jody

Wilde, Jim

Wilson, Kathleen

Wilson, Larry

Woods, Wayne

Woodward, Donna

Worthington, Daun

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Addiction Treatment in the 1890’s

Slaying The Dragon – The Keeley Bi-chloride of Gold Treatment

This is in a PDF format. Please use Adobe Reader. Just click on the title.

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