Help Wanted

The Santee Historical Society preserves the most important things – our city’s memories. A dedicated group of volunteers helps us fulfill our mission by performing a variety of tasks in every department – and by promoting the SHS in the community.

Would you like to catalog books or objects, research a historical topic, garden, monitor the antiques and rare books market, perform administration tasks, help keep our collections in order, assist at special events – or even clean or paint? Do you like to repair old furniture, sew, or iron? There might be a perfect Santee Historical project just for you! In turn, you will have many opportunities like networking, making new friends, and building valuable work-related skills and experience.

We also need help in the following:

We need volunteers to photograph the buildings of Santee.

Transcriptions of Old Articles
We have been transcribing articles so that they are searchable (These articles contain a wealth of information, and are amazing resources for researchers. However, we need help transcribing these articles from their original newsprint pages to digital form. We need some quick typers to help us make these transcriptions!

Fundraising and Corporate Sponsorship
We need help fundraising and finding corporate sponsors for the Historical Society. Are you good at getting people to become members? We would appreciate help from anyone with experience in this area. If you are good at charming the socks off someone, this may be the volunteer job for you!

The Barn is open to the public from 10am to Noon Tuesdays and the third Saturday of the month. The Historical Society needs house sitters to give tours and supervise visitors during this time. House sitters typically work just 2 hours per month.

Oral Histories
Oral history interviews of older Santee residents are so important. These are fascinating pieces of history, containing information that could easily be lost. We need volunteers to conduct oral history interviews of today’s older generations, to make sure that their stories of life in Santee are not lost. If you are one of these older residents, we also need your history.

We are not asking for a lifetime commitment. We are merely asking for an hour or two of your time each month. If you can give us this or more, please contact us at (619) 449-2024, or email us at:

________________________________________ or
Our website is and find us on Facebook at THE Santee Historical Society.

You can also stop by the barn when we are open on

Tuesday from 10 a.m. to Noon and
the 3nd Saturday of the month from 10am to 2pm.

The Santee Historical Society is a private, tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization. We are not a City agency or financially supported by the City of Santee. That’s why public support is so crucial!

1974 – Santee has the first paramedic unit in the county

1974 Paramedic UnitParamedic Unit Slated for Santee  

(1974 – San Diego Union)

The Santee Fire Protection District yesterday announced plans to initiate the county’s first paramedic program sometime next year at an estimated cost of $100,000.

Santee Fire Captain Jack Stephenson said six Santee firemen will enter the Los Angeles County paramedic training program next April based on tentative approval from the program’s director.

The $100,000 will cover all training expenses, salaries for six new firefighters who would be hired to replace those entering the program plus the cost of equipping the ambulance, Stephenson said.

Community Donations

Gene Ainsworth, chairman of the board of directors of the fire protection district, anticipates half the amount needed could be raised through community donations.
Several fund drives already have been started by local mobile home parks..(SMOAC)

Ainsworth also said the board is responding to a request by Santee citizens for implementation of the paramedic unit.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we can save more lives if we are given the proper training to do so,” Stephenson said.

Santee had attempted to interest other East County fire agencies in the program but the cost factor ruled out their participation for the time being.

Pilot Program

Chief Ron Berry said, “If we get this pilot program started others will follow suit.”
Though Santee will pay the entire cost of training its men, approval of the department’s participation also must be obtained from Sr. Sylvia Micik, director of the county Emergency Medical Services and Dr. J.B. Askew, county health director.

Stephenson said the cost per man is $5,048, including salary for three months while training at Harbor General Hospital in Los Angeles County.

The six firefighters would then work a month in a hospital, most likely Grossmont, for eight hours a day and afterwards return to their fire station.

Before becoming licensed paramedics, the fire fighters would spend another month in the field responding to emergencies with a paramedic nurse or doctor.

Grossmont Hospital has indicated a willingness to act as the base station for the program. Cost involved will be $16,000 for the extra training required of the nurses who will handle the paramedic emergencies. Any action on the part of Grossmont Hospital must still be approved by its board of directors.

1968 Santana High School Yearbook

Here are a list of names that appear in the 1968 Santana Yearbook. Are you still in Santee? Tell us a story about your years at Santana or about living in Santee in the 60’s
1968 Santana Names_Page_1 1968 Santana Names_Page_2 1968 Santana Names_Page_3

Adams, James

Adams, Linda

Ainsworth, Genia

Albee, Joel

Alvarez, Danny

Applegate, Thomas

Ashton, Merle

Barnard, Karen

Barnett, Bradley

Bedford, Mark

Bell, Muriel (Mike)

Benjaminsen, P?l

Berlin, Cathy

Bevers, Janet

Bland, Joyce

Boeck, Carl

Boeck, Janet

Borneman, Sharon

Bostic, Ron

Botticelli, Denise

Brannam, Terry

Braun, Susan

Brooks, Melody

Brown, David

Brown, Larry

Brown, Marvin

Buck, Don

Burke, John

Burns, James L

Campbell, Cynthia

Chambers, Patricia

Chambers, Stan

Clark, Bob

Clarke, Wayne

Cleary, Karen

Coffin, Doug

Cole, Peggy

Combes, Connie

Cook, Mike

Cooper, Mike

Core, Dennis

Cosgrove, Alan

Crull, Kenneth

Cummings, William

Darjany, Suzanne

Davis, Stan

Day, Ralph

Declercq, Michele

Demers, Sue

Diamond, Henry

Downs, Bonnie

Edwards, Douglas

Fitzgerald, Daniel

Fletcher, Walter

Forster, Terry

Gainer, Cora

Galvan, Fred

Gay, Carolyn

Gilb, Ginger

Gilliland, Karen

Godsin, Karen

Gordon, Lori

Hackney, Steve

Hagen, Kathleen

Hale, Larry

Hamilton, Linda

Hansen, Tom Hansen

Hardy, Robert

Harrelson, Bill

Hathaway, Clyde

Heincy, Bill

Heincy, Linda

Hentsch, Brian

Herrera, Janie

Hewitt, Mary

Hillis-Carlson, Syndi

Hinkle, Ariane

Holden, Lona

Hoye, Judy

Hypes, Kyle

Johnson, John

Johnson, Michael

Johnston, Renee

Keen, David

Keen, Richard

Keith, Jackie

Kelley, Paul

Kennedy, Babbette

Kiehl, Ellen

Koerner, Charles F

Lay, Dan

Leslie, Earl

Levie, Christine

Levithure, Judy

Little, David

Lutes, Stephen

MacLean, Scott

Malek, Kathleen

Marlow, John

Martin, William

Mascari, Val

Maves, Cris

McCarthy, Mike

McGill, Jessica

McKay, Steve

McSwain, Katie

Mendoza, Dolores

Miller, Brian

Miller, Donna

Miller, James

Miller, Kathy

Miller, Shelley

Moore, Scott

Morris, Larry

Morse, Robert

Morton, Valerie

Myers, Patricia

Neff, Sandi

Nelson, Russell

Odmark, Mona

Page, Tim

Page, Timothy

Palmer, James

Patison, Barbara

Patrick, Karen

Perdomo, Paula

Perry, Charles

Peterson, Richard

Phillips, Shannon

Pierce, Martha

Pierce, Muriel

Pierce, Marleah

Porter, Pamela

Posey, Beverly

Reed, Cindy

Reed, Norma

Rhodes, Lanny

Rice, Gracie

Richardson, Keith

Ritayik, Therese

Robertson, Gary

Robertson, Glenda

Roehl, Randall (Randy)

Rosen, Sue

Rosner, Glenn

Russell, Debbie

Sanders, Terry

Sargent, Lynn

Saska, James

Schlieder, Dave

Scott, Patrick

Senninger, Dale

Silverman, Jeff

Davis, L Charlene

Smith, Bob

Smith, David

Smith, James

Smith, Jeanne

Smith, Leslie

Smith, Linda

Snelson, Marianne

Spiesman, Mary

Stallings, Kathy

Stegmann, Manfredo

Stephenson, Mickey

Stoll, Bruce

Stone, Larry

Stout, Claudia

Tennant, John

Thacher, Bonnie

Thigpen, Bill

Thomas, Barbara

Thomas, Jim

Tirpak, Barbara

Tucker, Daniel

Twickler, Nira (Rusty)

Vigneau, Edmond

Washburn, Jan

Wasson, Jim

Weeding, Anna

West, Joyce

Whisman, Dennis

White, Allen

White, Jody

Wilde, Jim

Wilson, Kathleen

Wilson, Larry

Woods, Wayne

Woodward, Donna

Worthington, Daun

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